Monday, March 19, 2007

Explosions in the Sky

I recently blasted Explosions in the Sky's new album All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone on a 7 hour solo road trip from San Francisco to LA, and it was the only thing that kept me going. Their instrumental jams become more complex each time I listened to them. Watching the sunset over the Santa Barbara coast with the mountains in the background was the perfect time for Explosions in the Sky to pop into my Ipod playlist. But then I got to thinking, when isn't a good time? Throw them on at work, when you are reading, thinking, playing video games, fucking...whenever (well maybe not if you are having a house party and looking for some heat-rocks to keep everyone dancing).

So enjoy my friends, whatever you may be doing right now:

Explosions in the Sky- Your Hand in Mine

Explosions in the Sky- Welcome, Ghosts

Explosions in the Sky- Catastrophe and the Cure

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