Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I tried to hate on this guy because I thought he was just a celebrity fucker who DJ'ed on the side for his rich and famous friends, you know the type. (Benji Madden, I'm looking at you man) But AM is a BEAST on the turntables, he is probably the most consistant DJ I have seen live. He can please any crowd from a drunk sorority girl party who just wants some "Fergalicious" to the hipest hipsters looking for some Ed Banger remixes. Don't sleep on him just because he ran through Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore, that's just a byproduct of his domination.

DJ AM- Live on Power 106 (12/05) - part 1

DJ AM- Live on Power 106 (12/05) - part 2

DJ AM- Live at LAX Banana Split 2/18/07

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