Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hatchback, Sorcerer, Windsurf, Broker/Dealer

There is something going on in NorCal as we speak. A slew of new artists are emerging that practice a slowed down blend of disco, 80's pop and modern electronic music that has a distinct West Coast vibe. Imagine the music of France's Valerie collective without the screeching synths.

Friends and collaborators Hatchback, Sorcerer, Windsurf, and Broker/Dealer are leading the charge.

Download: Windsurf- Pocket Check

Download: Sorcerer- Surfing At Midnight

Download: Broker/Dealer- Midnight

BONUS MIX: Hatchback- Neon Sunsets Mix (MegaUpload)
81 minutes of smoooooth beach-themed jams.


coyote - laid back (windsurf’s no shame dub)
batteaux - high tide
richard schneider jr. - hello beach girls
goblin - amo non amo
antonio adolfo - venice
minako yoshida - tornado
johnny hammond - star borne
cerrone - rendez-vous
the beat broker - beach beards
baffo banfi - quelle dolce estate sul pianeta venere
space art - welcome to love
leon ware - don’t stay away
rollmottle - the storyteller
vangelis - theme from antarctica


Unknown said...

reading rainbow sample on Pocket Check?

Anonymous said...

thats what I thought