Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ultra Stimulation Mix #4



1. Santogold- Icarus
2. Chester French- The Jimmy Choo's
3. Adele- Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)
4. Engineers- Sometimes I Realise
5. Faded Paper Figures- Polaroid Solution
6. Crookers- Embrace The Martian (feat Kid Cudi)
7. Tony Lucca- Devil Town
8. Badly Drawn Boy- Once Around The Block (Nick Faber Remix)
9. Alberta Cross- Lucy Rider
10. 4Hero- Les Fleur
11. Van She- Changes
12. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone- Young Shields
13. Oren Lavie- Her Morning Elegance
14. Icehouse- Electric Blue
15. Shala feat SebastiAn- I Ain't Goin
16. Sebastian Tellier- Kilometer
17. 2 Skinnee J's- Coming Home

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