Monday, May 25, 2009

Podcast #2- Why Aren't They More Famous?

All of these bands profiled below should be much more popular than they are. Whether its a question of poor record label handling of their albums, a premature band break-up or just that they were ahead of their time, these artists never quite got the credit they deserve.

I am doing my part to change that. Listen and if you like something go look for their album, each of these bands has a ton of great songs.

Track List:

Colouring Lesson- Head
Spymob- It Gets Me Going
Jon Brion- I Believe She's Lying
Call And Response- Lightbulb
2 Skinnee J's- BBQ
2 Skinnee J's- 718
Consequence- And You Say (feat John Legend)
Ugly Duckling- Rio Di Janiero
Born Jamericans- Boom Shak A Tack (Dance Hall Remix)
The Changes- On A String
Paper Route- Carousel
The Courteeners- Not Nineteen Forever
4Hero- Les Fleur
Thomas Barrett- Lullaby

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