Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ALBUMS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth

I was actually going to start this series of albums that shaped my musical taste through the years, and Gang Starr's Moment Of Truth was on my shortlist to start with. Obviously with Guru's passing last night I think the time is right to remember some of these tracks, and hopefully share them with a few new listeners of the next generation.

Although I had always listened to hip hop growing up (Tribe, Run DMC, etc.) this Gang Starr album opened my eyes to not only the lyricism of Guru, but the other side of the genre - production. DJ Premier is one of the best to ever step behind a sampler and on Moment of Truth he shines with hard-hitting drums and chopped up string pieces.

You Know My Steez


Moment Of Truth

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