Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Evan Voytas

I will let other writers speak on my behalf on this one, I am too busy bobbing my head to this guy's music.

"After spending time in New York City, the deserts of New Mexico, a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania, and a tour bus constantly surrounded by teenage girls, Evan Voytas is presently in Los Angeles. With influences ranging from underground hip hop to classic sunshine pop, Voytas dresses like your grandpa and sounds like the future." - Myspace Page

"Don’t sleep on him any longer, if this kid continues to write songs as good as “I Live This Life Here For You”, he could become our American version of M83." - In Flight At Night

"If you're not listening to Evan Voytas, you're seriously missing out... and I'm not just saying that. You're missing out on an art form here." - Circles of Concrete

Getting Higher


I Live This Life Here For You

We'd Be Good Together

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