Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fast Life Yungstaz- Party Time

There is NO reason I should like this song as much as I do.

Manufactured teen rappers from Decatur, GA rapping about surfing at the beach? The chorus is:

Surf Party
So Gnarley
I’m so wavey
It’s crazy
Surf Party Dude
It’s Amazing
It’s freaking gnarley dude

My favorite lyric is "I used to be boogie board shorty now I'm the Big Kahuna! " Doesn't sound like this would be my cup of tea, but I fucking love this track. Its FUN, its happy and perfect for summer time. Catch me driving down Sunset Blvd pumping this for sure.

Apparently their other song is called "Swag Surfin'." Could there be a hip-hop influenced Beach Boys revival going on in rural Georgia?

Fast Life Yungstaz- Party Time

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