Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Faith No More

I heard "Midlife Crisis" the other day on Indie 103.1 and remembered how much I loved these guys. Their hard hitting yet fun punk-rap-funk sound paved the way for many modern acts. Their performance on SNL (the one where Mike Patton humps the fan on the side of the stage) was one of those eye opening musical moments for me as a kid.

Although he has gone off the deep end with his lackluster subsequent solo projects (Mr. Bungle, Lovage, Peeping Tom, etc), Patton's music with Faith No More remains poignant.

Reunion anyone?

DOWNLOAD: Faith No More- A Small Victory

DOWNLOAD: Faith No More- Midlife Crisis

DOWNLOAD: Faith No More- Epic

DOWNLOAD: Faith No More- We Care A Lot


Unknown said...

mr bungle was Mike's original band prior to joining FNM, and you could hardly call the band lacklustre

mikerog said...

Thanks for the heads up there Josh, Bungle still sucks though.

tomasz. said...

what you mean is "i don't understand Bungle".