Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Tough Alliance

One of my favorite new groups is Sweden's The Tough Alliance, whom I first heard about in the post-SXSW buzz this year. The duo makes what I can best describe as electro-pop, with a little hint of reggae/dub in the mix.

From Wikipedia- " Their live shows have also been given much attention in the Swedish media due to their unusual onstage antics which include swinging baseball bats and singing to recorded music. Their critics claim they glorify violence in general and hooliganism in particular, something The Tough Alliance denies."

Here are a few tracks from them, be sure to check them out on April 6th if you happen to live in Perth (what up, Perth!).

Download: The Tough Alliance-Silly Crimes

Download: The Tough Alliance- Something Special

Download: The Tough Alliance- Miami

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