Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Darko- Live from Home

Download: Darko- Glen Burnie Grab Bag Mix

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Darko said...

"When I read Chris' post about 'one-take mini-mixes' on this here very blog, I immediately called him and asked if the Darkness could participate. He, being the worlds nicest guy and unable to say no, indulged my fantasy of creating what can only be described as "musical heaven". With no clear agenda or game plan, I quickly began grabbing random records off the floor. Eventually, ending up with something that eerily reminds me of our once heralded Tensdays night at the Ottobar. Atleast musically, since many a random track and trainwreck were always present. Along with all of our friends yelling in our faces and making the "airhorn" noise whenever they heard a blend going off or even the slightest of needle skips.

So, download this mix, down a beer, push play and push the person next to you... Afterwards, immediately return to the blog and leave a comment on how great it feels to have been given a glimpse of heaven... and not had to have died (or gone to Baltimore) to see it!"