Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baltimore Bands

Much to many people's suprise, my hometown of Baltimore, MD actually has a pretty vibrant music scene. Growing up there in the 90's I was fortunate enough to go to shows at places Fletchers and the Boh Dome and see bands that never really made it on a national level, but had a damn good time rocking Baltimore every weekend. The Kelly Bell Band is a blues rock outfit led by overweight songman and Baltimore legend, Mr. Kelly Bell. Lake Trout, a pioneer in the electronic-jam genre paved the way for acts like The Disco Biscuits and The New Deal. Colouring Lesson brought reggae/ska beats to make the Charm City summers feel like Kingston.

Download: Kelly Bell Band- Homegrown (Live)

Download: Lake Trout- Another Day

Download: Colouring Lesson- Head

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