Thursday, May 10, 2007

Project Pat

It's a shame how the producers of MTV's Adventures in Hollyhood have shown Project Pat as a background figure in the whole Three 6 Mafia world. This dude has been around since the beginning, he is the brother of Three 6 member and just damn funny guy, Juicy J.

The reason I like Project Pat so much is because of his cadence, it’s so different than what anyone else's flow, and he doesn’t give a shit. This dude rides the beats like he was driving his low-rider through the streets of Memphis on a Saturday night. Granted it’s different, but throw some of his shit on, put the top down and coast into summer:

Download: Project Pat- Ballers

Download: Project Pat- Good Googly Moogly

Download: Three 6 Mafia ft Project Pat- Poppin' My Collar

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